Cross Arm Diver

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Artist: JOHN W. MILLS Bronze art sports collection

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, “Cross Arm Diver” is a testament to Mills’ exceptional skill and artistic vision. The medium of choice, bronze, lends this sculpture timeless elegance and enduring strength. Each piece within the 3/4 edition is distinguished by a patina of dark bronze, creating a rich and nuanced surface that captures the interplay of light and shadow.
Set upon a dignified black marble base, “Cross Arm Diver” commands attention and reverence in any setting. The marriage of the organic warmth of bronze with the stately grandeur of marble forms a harmonious union that elevates the sculpture into a realm of refined aesthetics.
What sets Mills’ work apart is the profoundly personal touch he imparts to every piece. Hand-finishing and patination, both skillfully executed by Mills, infuse each sculpture with a distinct character, rendering them unique and inimitable. This infusion of the artist’s touch creates a palpable connection between the creator and the creation, inviting viewers to engage with the art personally.
With dimensions measuring 60cm in height, 48cm in width, and 20cm in depth, “Cross Arm Diver” commands a presence that demands contemplation. Mills’ ability to capture a dynamic moment frozen in time, the diver’s graceful movement suspended in bronze, is a testament to his mastery of form and motion.
In “Cross Arm Diver,” John W. Mills encapsulated the essence of the athletic spirit and etched his name among the great sculptors of our time. This piece celebrates both the human form and the artistic process, inviting us to witness the fusion of skill, passion, and the timeless beauty of bronze.

Title: Cross arm diver

Medium – Bronze 3/4 edition patina dark bronze with black marble base; each work is hand-finished & patina by John W. Mills to complete unique individual sculpture. 

Size: 60cm x 48cm x 20cm

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” One of my favourite subjects to try to resolve as the sculpture is that of springboard and high board diving. The problems posed by this subject are expressing movement and grace, athleticism and style, and trying to convey the sensation of flight.” – John W. Mills.

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