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Picture Hanging Services

We offer professional services for expertly arranging and hanging artworks in various settings, including corporate boardrooms/offices and home environments.

Art services specializing in picture hanging play a crucial role in helping individuals showcase their artwork in homes, offices, or galleries. Hanging pictures can be challenging, especially when dealing with more extensive or heavier pieces. It is essential to handle the process correctly to avoid damaging the artwork or the walls.

Art services dedicated to picture hanging typically provide various services to cater to their client’s specific needs. These services may include:

  1. Consultation: Art services offer consultation services to assist clients in determining the optimal placement for their artwork, considering factors such as lighting, size, and style.
  2. Hanging: The actual hanging of the artwork is handled by art services, ensuring that it is level, securely mounted, and safe from accidents.
  3. Installation: Some art services extend their offerings to installation services, such as setting up hanging systems for art collections or mounting sculptures.
  4. Framing: Many art services also provide framing services, which protect the artwork and enhance its visual appeal.
  5. Transportation: Certain art services may additionally offer transportation services for artwork, particularly for larger or delicate pieces.

By collaborating with an art service specializing in picture hanging, clients can ensure their artwork is displayed most favourably. These services help safeguard the artwork from damage and guarantee secure and reliable display solutions.

Furthermore, our recommended installers and fitters maintain close relationships with esteemed UK interior designers, artists, and galleries. This collaborative network enables us to deliver exceptional results and cater to the diverse needs of our clients.

Here at ICAS, we care more for your art.

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With over 38 years of experience providing picture framing solutions and serving our loyal clientele, we often receive inquiries and requests for tips on hanging and caring for their artwork. As a result, we have compiled a set of points and recommendations that we have followed over the years, reflecting our expertise in the field. Here are some key insights. – Sunil Vilas, Art Director:

  • Do employ conservation framers when dealing with valuable artwork, both in terms of monetary and sentimental value. Conservation framing ensures the longevity and preservation of your cherished pieces.
  • Do hang artwork in locations that offer protection from potential damage caused by heat, moisture, and excessive exposure to light. These elements can have adverse effects on the artwork over time.
  • Do clean the surface of your framed artwork regularly using an appropriate cleaner. It is essential to use a special cleaner formulated explicitly for acrylic/plexiglass to avoid any damage or discolouration.
  • Do periodically check the age and condition of the matting. Look for signs of deterioration, spotting, or yellowing, which can occur due to exposure to light, humidity, and temperature. If you notice any wear or are still determining the matting’s condition, we encourage you to bring it to us, and our framers will be pleased to inspect it and provide professional advice.
  • Don’t spray the cleaner directly onto the surface of the framed artwork. Instead, spray the cleaner onto a soft cloth and gently clean the surface. This precaution helps prevent pooling and potential damage to the frame, matting, and artwork.
  • Don’t hang valuable artwork in outdoor areas, above functional fireplaces, bathrooms, or in direct sunlight. These environments can expose the artwork to excessive heat, moisture, or harmful UV rays, potentially causing irreversible damage.

Following these guidelines will help ensure your artwork’s longevity and pristine condition. If you have further questions or need assistance, our team is always available to provide expert advice and support.



ICAS Decorative ideas2PRACTICE  Measure the available wall space and plan your arrangement on the floor before hanging. This process allows you to visualize the composition and make adjustments before committing to the wall.

COMPOSITION  Treat your grouping of pictures as a single unit. Consider how the pieces interact and ensure they complement each other in style, theme, or colour palette.ICAS Decorative ideas4

SPACE  Hang your pictures close together to maintain visual impact. Avoid excessive gaps between pictures, as it can diminish the overall effect of the arrangement.

ORDER  Aim to create at least one horizontal and one vertical line with the arrangement unless you intentionally create a free-form or asymmetrical layout.

COLOUR AND TEXTURE BALANCE  Pay attention to the colours and textures of the pictures in your arrangement. Distribute them evenly to achieve a balanced visual composition.

CREATE VISUAL EXCITEMENT  Mix and mingle pictures of different shapes and sizes to add visual interest. Ensure that the overall weight of the composition feels evenly distributed.

ACCESSORIES  Remember to include lamps and wall sconces in your arrangement to enhance the space’s overall visual appeal and functionality.

SCALEConsider the proper scale when decorating your walls. Use larger wall hangings to complement large furniture pieces and smaller ones for smaller spaces. Avoid hanging small pictures over large furniture or oversized artwork over small furniture, as it can disrupt the room’s balance.

By following these tips, you can create an artful and visually pleasing arrangement of pictures that enhances the overall aesthetic of your space.

ICAS Decorative ideas3ICAS 1 tips for hanging

Correctly hanging pictures requires attention to detail and consideration of factors like distance, avoiding unnecessary nail holes, and selecting appropriate hardware. Here are some guidelines to follow:

  1. Distance: When hanging pictures above furniture, aim for a length between 6 and 8 inches. Consider hanging the artwork at average eye level for optimal viewing if it is not above furniture.
  2. Avoid Unwanted Nail Holes: To hang your picture at the desired height, measure the distance from the top of the picture to where the hanging wire will hit when placed on a nail. For example, if you want the top of your picture to hang 72″ from the floor, position the hanging wire to hit 4 inches below that point. Mark a light pencil line on the wall at 68″ from the bottom, centred with your picture.
  3. Tips on Hardware for Picture Hanging: As part of our custom framing service, we provide free hardware selection based on your needs and the condition of your walls. Here are some key considerations:
  • Strength and Security: Always use picture hangers for added strength and security. We recommend using two hangers per picture to ensure stability, safety, and straight alignment.
  • Heavy Artwork: For oversize artwork and mirrors, especially on drywall, we recommend using two Floreat hangers (each supporting up to 75 lbs.) on the wall. Attach two straphangers or “D-rings” directly to the artwork without using a wire. The straphangers can then hook onto the Floreat hangers on the wall, distributing the weight evenly between them.
  • Boats, Mobile Homes, and Commercial Use: When hanging frames in settings such as boats, mobile homes, or commercial spaces, it is essential to use security hangers that anchor all corners of the frame securely.
  • Decorative Hooks: Decorative hooks are typically suitable for lightweight objects and can be used for hanging smaller, lighter artwork or decorative items.
  • Ceiling Mouldings: In older homes with ceiling mouldings, you can utilize “Moulding hooks” or “Shook” hardware, decorative chain, and cording to hang framed art from the moulding.

Following these guidelines and utilizing the appropriate hardware ensures your pictures are securely and aesthetically displayed in your desired locations.

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