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We are thrilled to introduce a remarkable artist, Laura Cramer, a contemporary painter known for her captivating landscapes and abstract creations. Laura’s artistic journey has been profoundly shaped by her idyllic coastal childhood, providing a unique backdrop againstglobalizationicas logo which her creativity has flourished.

Growing up by the sea, Laura was enchanted by the limitless beauty of landscapes and the enigmatic mysteries of the natural world. Her connection to the coastal environment sparked her artistic curiosity, leading her on a remarkable path of self-expression and artistic exploration.

We are privileged to have Laura Cramer join us for an exclusive interview with International Art Dealer Sunil Vilas. In this interview, Laura will delve into her artistic process, her inspirations from nature, and the evolution of her creative style. Her insights promise to be both inspiring and enlightening, offering a glimpse into the mind of an artist whose work continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Join us in welcoming Laura Cramer as she shares her artistic journey and passion for art in this exclusive interview.

Sunil Q1.  – Laura, I can see your art is deeply influenced by your coastal childhood. Can you share specific memories or experiences by the sea that have had a profound impact on your artistic journey?

Laura Cramer

  Laura A: “Sunil, I mostly recall the memory of long summer days by the sea and the wide-open sandy space gifted to us each day with the receding tide. It was less so the ‘sea’ that impacted me (although I was aware of its ferocity and danger). The sounds associated with coastal living left a mark: a vastness of sky with the call of seagulls, a soft, gentle foghorn guiding fishermen and other vessels. Wildflowers along the cliff and adjoining coastal inlets, gentle birdsong. It brought a sense of peace and beauty. As it was seen through the eyes of an innocent child, I became a daydreamer aware of the power of beautiful aesthetics. I try and evoke that feeling in a lot of my work”.

Sunil – Your childhood memories of the coast, with its vast skies, seagull calls, and gentle foghorns, beautifully illustrate how the natural world has infused your work with a sense of peace and beauty. Hearing how these childhood experiences have inspired your art and instilled a deep appreciation for aesthetics is captivating.

Coastal Harmony 2019   

Title: Coastal Harmony 2019.



Sunil Q2. –  As I look through your paintings, they evoke a sense of serenity and tranquillity. How do you achieve this mood in your art, and what emotions or experiences are you hoping to convey to your viewers?

Laura A: “Sunil, I am delighted to hear that you feel the work conveys serenity and tranquillity. These emotions are dear to me as I seek them out daily to counteract the busy world we all live in. I try to simplify a composition by ‘understating’ the truth and using a calm colour palette. I hope this leaves the viewer open to interpret the painting in their own way and derive a sense of calm. I do this by trying to be aware of a balance of tonal values, patterns, and variations of shape sizes. Every day in the studio is a learning curve as I try to achieve a lightness of touch – trying to understate rather than overstate. Try to allow the lines, shapes, and gestural marks to evolve of their own accord rather than being over-managed. A bit like preferring a ‘wild’ look to gardening as opposed to over manicured.”

SunilThe serenity and tranquillity your paintings convey are truly captivating. Your commitment to a calm colour palette and the understated truth in your compositions beautifully convey these emotions, allowing viewers to find their sense of calm.

Nature Synphony 



Sunil Q3. – Your work encompasses both landscapes and abstract pieces. How do these two seemingly distinct styles intersect in your artistic expression, and what do they represent for you?

Laura A: “I have always tried to represent landscape in as brief a language as possible, being mindful of design as much as the geographical ‘truth’. My earlier work explored a semi-abstract approach to landscape. Still, I seek to distil this information even further, to be unencumbered by strict figurative values, with often only a slight suggestion of the figurative, if any. To this end, my work is becoming more abstract. A more figurative rendition of a scene often lies below the layers of paint, slowly being rendered down or lost to a mere echo of its original form.”

Sunil –Your ability to seamlessly merge landscapes and abstract styles is intriguing. The idea of distilling information and allowing the figurative to subtly echo beneath the layers of abstraction is a captivating approach. It adds layers of depth and interpretation to your work, inviting viewers to explore and find their connections. That leads to my next question…



Tranquil Lanscape    




Sunil Q4. – Laura, Nature plays a significant role in your art. Can you elaborate on the connection between the natural world and your creative process and how it continues to inspire your work?

Laura A: “Growing up in beautiful surroundings significantly influenced my desire to connect with the landscape through painting. Moving to an urban setting, I discovered gardening whilst raising my family. It further galvanised a desire to try to capture the feeling of calm that a garden evokes, whether urban or rural and nurturing plant life through the seasons became extremely rewarding. I can look deeply into a flowerbed and see a whole other world constantly changing. These shapes and patterns often get translated to a canvas. My earlier ‘botanical’ work was more figurative. Now, I try to find basic elements that can interplay one to the other until there is a sense of balance.”

Sunil Q5. – The play of colour in your work is striking and adds depth to your compositions. Could you discuss your approach to colour and its significance in your artistic narrative?

Autumn Embrace 

Title: AUTUMN EMBRACE  2022.



Laura A: “Thank you, Sunil. I often start with a chaotic gestural combination of bright colours that acts as an underpainting. A further layer is added as I explore the relationship of shapes and tonal values, trying to keep some of the bright underpainting to prevent me from being ‘precious’. I need a painting to look chaotic and messy until the very last moment when somehow it seems to come together. It is a humbling experience every time, but somehow, that ‘dance’ you do with chaos and uncertainty brings depth and energy to the work. I do not have a premeditative approach to colour. I try something, and if it feels right, I continue. I suppose you could call it intuitive painting and use of colour.”

Sunil – Your approach to colour, starting with chaos and gradually finding balance, is a captivating glimpse into your artistic process. The dance with chaos and uncertainty, leading to depth and energy in your work, is an exciting journey.



Sunil Q6. –   As an artist, you constantly evolve and experiment with your style. Can you share some pivotal moments or influences that have shaped the development of your artistic voice?


Laura A: “It was whilst visiting Moscow in the early 1990s and briefly studying with the late artist Yuri Koval that I realised I wanted to paint for a living. He explained that a painting should contain a unique angle regarding the artist’s voice. ‘Paint what you see, and that little bit more’. It has stayed with me. Fifteen years later, I studied in the UK with the Romantic Impressionist painter Hugo Grenville. His love of colour and his inspiring work ethic and mindset felt pivotal. Being an artist is a combination of mindset and physical painting. It felt like a boot camp and gave me an important sense of structure and belief in my ability to succeed.”

Sunil   – It’s interesting to hear about the pivotal moments and influences that have shaped your artistic voice, from studying with Yuri Koval in Moscow to the guidance of Hugo Grenville in the UK. Your commitment to finding a unique angle in your work, capturing what you see and that “little bit more,” is a valuable lesson for aspiring artists.

Sunil Q7.  –  Laura, we are excited to feature your work in the upcoming “Colour of Life 2024” exhibition. Can you tell us more about the pieces selected and the inspiration behind them as part of this prestigious event?

Ethereal Blossoms   



Laura A: Thank you, Sunil. I am excited, too. There is a mix of work dating back to my development post, Hugo Grenville, and my most recent larger abstract pieces. In the former, I worked in oil and sought to express a connection to the natural world more figuratively, being mindful of the effect of the colour palette on the overall ‘feeling’ of the work. This was primarily done by avoiding using all three primary colours simultaneously and being mindful of the interplay between warm and cool colours. In the later work, I have replaced the ‘figurative’ element with a desire to achieve a composition suggestion with confident, gestural marks. My love of landscape has not changed, but my desire to reduce it to simpler elements can be seen in this later work.”

Sunil – We are thrilled to feature your collection in the “Colour of Life 2024” exhibition. Your mix of older and newer pieces, exploring figurative and abstract elements, showcases your artistic evolution and ability to capture landscapes’ essence in simpler elements.


Sunil Q8.   Your paintings often explore the intersection of the natural and the abstract. How do you strike a balance between these elements in your compositions?

Laura A: References to the natural world often get hidden by subsequent layers of paint as I seek to find a balance between the natural and the abstract. I often rotate the painting between sessions, looking for a harmony of shape and tonal values. I would love to say that it is easy, but the honest answer is that after a prolonged dance of chaos, fear, uncertainty, frustration, and humility, I finally arrive at the result. It is never clear when a painting will suddenly be resolved. A lot of time is spent thinking and looking and then eventual action. I often find that the’ magic’ happens when I enter a state of exasperation and frustration (surrendering all desire to ‘fix’ the painting). I believe it’s important not to feel self-conscious when painting. You must be prepared to make a fool of yourself. It is a roller coaster ride every time, and the trick is to enjoy the process rather than fear it.”

Blossoms of Tranquillity    Sunil – Balancing the natural and abstract in your compositions is a delicate dance that results in beautifully resolved paintings. The roller coaster of emotions in your process, from chaos to surrender, resonates with the artistic journey’s unpredictability.




Sunil Q9. –  For emerging artists, navigating the art world can be challenging. What advice or insights would you offer aspiring painters embarking on their artistic journeys?

Laura A: Be patient, work consistently and don’t look up to see what others are doing. It is your journey, and your voice will evolve over the years. You take what is most intensely true to you and let it shine through externally. Not everyone will love it, and you are not seeking approval. Try to seek out mentors who will guide you and support you. Allow your voice to evolve over the years.”

Sunil – Your advice for emerging artists to be patient, work consistently, and stay true to their unique voices is invaluable. The emphasis on the personal journey and not seeking approval resonates deeply. Your journey and willingness to embrace the creative process, even in moments of frustration, serve as an inspiring example.



Title: ELEGANCE  2022.


Sunil Q10. Looking ahead, what themes or projects are you excited to explore in your future work, and how do you envision your art evolving in the years to come?

Laura A: “I long to travel the world more often and to challenge my reaction to new landscapes and experiences. I am looking for artist residency opportunities that will challenge all I know about painting and help me become a better painter. I am happiest working on a large canvas that allows an inebriating sense of freedom. As for themes, these will become clear over time. My goal is to look and listen carefully and respond intuitively. I look forward to many one-woman shows that showcase the series of paintings that evolve from year to the next.”

Sunil – Looking ahead, your desire to explore new landscapes and experiences through travel and artist residencies is exciting. The idea of challenging what you know about painting and continually evolving your voice is a testament to your dedication to your craft.


Tidal EleganceThank you for sharing your artistic insights and journey with us, Laura. Your work continues to inspire and bring moments of serenity to art enthusiasts around the world. ICAS Vilas Art Gallery is delighted to showcase your work and looks forward to welcoming visitors to experience the beauty and depth of your creations.









Title: TIDAL ELEGANCE  2018.




LAURA CRAMER COLLECTION is available to view at our COLOUR OF LIFE 2024 exhibition


Colour of Life 2024 exhibition


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