Landscape Art

NATURE is the greatest inspiration for ART

Landscape art is a genre that depicts the natural world’s beauty and majesty. Artists in this genre often seek to capture the essence of a particular place or time of day, whether it be the sweeping vistas of a mountain range, the gently rolling hills of a countryside, or the serenity of a beach at sunset. Landscape art has a long and rich history, with many great artists from different periods and cultures contributing to this genre.

Dutch painter Vincent van Gogh is one of the most famous landscape artists. Van Gogh’s landscapes are known for their bold colours and thick, expressive brushstrokes, conveying movement and emotion. One of his most famous works is “Starry Night,” which depicts a night-time scene of a village with swirling skies and stars.

Another notable landscape artist is the English painter J.M.W. Turner. Turner is known for using light and colour to create atmospheric scenes of nature, often featuring seascapes and maritime landscapes. His works, such as “The Fighting Temeraire,” are celebrated for their luminosity and emotional depth.

If you’re interested in further exploring landscape/seascape art, we highly recommend visiting the ICAS Vilas Art Gallery UK. This gallery features a diverse collection of contemporary and traditional landscape art from established and emerging artists. Some of the artists’ work featured in the gallery include:

  • Hugo Grenville: A Celebration of Life in Color and Light.
  • Laura Cramer: Capturing the Essence of Landscape and Imagination
  • Richard Bolton is a watercolourist known for his atmospheric and dreamlike landscapes & cityscapes that blend realism and abstraction.
  • Debbie Boon captures the essence of the seascape with her bright, bold colours and geometric shapes.
  • Alan Hunt wildlife art, Royo Spanish painter of light, Spencer F. Gore Impressionist avant-garde art.

Overall, landscape art is a rich and diverse genre that continues to inspire artists and captivate viewers with its beauty and complexity. The ICAS Vilas Art Gallery is an excellent place to explore this genre further and discover the work of some of the most talented landscape artists working today. We welcome enquiries from new artists to join our portfolio of ICAS Vilas art gallery artists. Please send us your details to

ICAS Vilas Art Gallery

8,10 leys Avenue
Letchworth Garden City SG6 3EU

The selection of Landscape paintings showcased at ICAS Vilas Art Gallery are some of the finest works by our gallery artists.

Tidal elegance landscape art

Tidal Elegance Laura Cramer

    watercolour painting London river Thame view









Richard Bolton London Thames rivers scenes

watercolour painting London river Thame view

  Limited edition print sale  

    Spencer F. Gore Icknield Way Letchworth Garden City

We proudly present our ICAS gallery artists’ selection of Landscape art included in our current exhibition. Kindly contact our gallery to arrange a viewing by appointment.


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