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Q1. How do you decide the best solution for each of your clients?

An optimal design framework should seamlessly connect and harmonize the painting (artwork) with its surroundings. The frame serves as a vital component of interior decor. With a rich history spanning 38 years and many contented clients, we rely on our expertise and intuition to identify the ideal solution for every client’s requirements. Each day unveils many captivating artwork pieces that await their perfect framing.

Q2. What would you consider the unique framing project that you can remember?


  • A corporate client, Oakley, proudly sponsored the Grand Prix Formula One racing, and as a gesture, the driver gifted them a signed driver suit. The director sought our guidance and expertise in creating a remarkable presentation frame to showcase this precious item in their boardroom.
    To begin framing, we skillfully mounted the light grey suit with black stripes onto a navy deep blue silk fabric, securing it in place with meticulous stitching. Moving forward, we designed an inner white box frame with dimensions of 110cm x 200cm and a depth of 20cm, providing a sturdy foundation to hold the silk panel and the suit in position. Given the large frame size, we opted for scratch-resistant UV acrylic glass, which reduces weight and ensures the utmost protection for the signed suit.
    We carefully selected a 15cm brush matt Titanium silver profile for the floating frame to accentuate the presentation and create a striking visual contrast. This custom-made profile highlighted Oakley’s logo and the light grey suit. The result is a captivating display that captures attention and adds a touch of elegance to the boardroom.
  1. We have encountered numerous fascinating stories throughout the years, such as one of our clients who received a gold record for “Sweet Like Chocolate.” In addition to framing the gold record, we went the extra mile by incorporating other mementoes, such as magazine articles, into a comprehensive presentation frame.

2. Recently, an art collector entrusted us with his original Picasso drawings for remounting and framing. Understanding the importance of preservation, we used conservation-grade materials and opted for a sleek, thin brush silver gilt frame with 99% UV protection glass. Framing should strike a delicate balance, enhancing the visual appeal and augmenting the artwork’s overall value.

3. We had the honour of serving a distinguished member of our community who commissioned a portrait measuring 90cm x 210cm. We provided a full-service experience to complement the surroundings, carefully selecting a hand-finished profile from our Spanish series. Embracing a modern and contemporary theme, we accentuated the artwork with a grey canvas slip and a silver brush gold profile. Going above and beyond, we completed the project by utilizing our installation service to securely hang the painting a remarkable 6 meters (20ft) above ground level.

5. Our latest project involved framing a limited edition print titled “5- Aminouracil” by renowned artist Damien Hirst, measuring 148cm x 148cm (58″ x 58″). We meticulously crafted a custom-made 4″ white linen slip complemented by a contemporary natural white Beechwood 4″ profile to bring out the artwork’s essence. Our trusted local wood milling company specially manufactured this unique profile to meet the client’s requirements. To provide a striking presentation, we opted for a deep box-mounted frame. We also arranged for secure delivery to the client’s home.

6. A memorable moment in November 2007, the year South Africa emerged victorious in the World’s Champions Trophy, marked a surprise visit from a member of SIBISA – London. They urgently sought our framing expertise to auction three items at a fundraising dinner event. The items in question were the autographed shirts and a signed photograph of the Springboks 2007 South African rugby team, symbolizing their momentous victory. We meticulously framed these treasures using the team’s iconic colours, incorporating a gold and green slip profile custom-stained to perfection. The final result was a captivating box presentation frame. To ensure a timely arrival, we promptly delivered the framed items to Madame Tussauds, London, where the evening event occurred. The auction raised an impressive sum of over £4500.



Drawing upon our extensive experience and expertise in the art of framing. We are here to address all your framing needs. Whether you have recently acquired original artworks, a collection of medals requiring specialized mounting, signed memorabilia such as rugby, tennis, cricket, or football shirts, intricate tapestries, cross-stitch creations, or even your beloved prints, our dedicated team of experts is ready to assist you.
We invite you to contact us with your specific framing requirements. Our professional and friendly staff is well-equipped to provide valuable advice and recommendations tailored to your unique needs. Your satisfaction is our priority, and we are committed to delivering exceptional framing solutions that enhance the beauty and value of your cherished pieces.

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Get in touch today! and let us talk about your framing requirements.

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