David Flower

British contemporary Glass artist and craftsman


Over the past 22 years, David Flower has steadily carved his niche in British contemporary glass artistry. His journey is a testament to his unwavering dedication to the craft, and he has emerged as a prominent figure in the UK glassmaking scene.
David’s exceptional craftsmanship has garnered him well-deserved recognition, with his creations finding homes in esteemed collections worldwide, spanning locations from Saudi Arabia and Denmark to the United States. His distinctive sculptural glass artistry holds a special place in our ever-evolving exhibitions, showcased prominently at the ICAS Vilas Art Gallery in the UK.
David’s mastery of glassmaking extends across a spectrum of commissions, ranging in scale and intricacy. His portfolio boasts diverse projects, from crafting exquisite chandeliers and dining tables to realising unique, one-of-a-kind pieces. Notably, he undertook a substantial £250,000 project involving the creation of sculptures, a testament to his versatility and creative prowess.
Beyond his work, David’s expertise is highly sought after by fellow glass designers who entrust him to bring their visions to life. His enduring collaboration with London’s renowned glassmaker, Peter Layton, spans several years, resulting in the co-design and creation of magnificent pieces that continue to captivate audiences. Working on other artists’ visions serves as a constant source of inspiration for David, with collaborations alongside talents like Fran Stainland, Katherine Wightman, and Gary Webb consistently pushing him to exceed artistic boundaries.
At the core of David’s philosophy in glassmaking lies a profound reverence for the material itself. He approaches glass as a partner in creation, listening to its unique voice and working harmoniously to coax it into the desired form. For David, this symbiotic relationship with glass is paramount, where neither force nor constraint is applied, but rather a seamless collaboration that culminates in the creation of breathtaking art. As he eloquently states, “There is nothing impossible in glassmaking.”
David Flower’s artistic journey is an inspiring testament to the limitless possibilities that glass can offer in the hands of a visionary artist.

David Flower Contemporary Glass Art
David Flower Contemporary Glass Art Collection. Click for more info.


DAVID FLOWER Glass art collection

Title: Deep Blue with Red and Yellow Stripes Bubble Glass

Medium – Handblown Glass Bubble from the studio of David Flower















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