The Three Kings II 1984 – 1989

The bronze dance sculpture “Three Kings” was created by John W. Mills in 1989 and depicted two male dancers in a powerful and dynamic pose.

The sculpture portrays the two figures in a way that conveys strength, balance, and coordination. Each dancer is captured in mid-movement, with their bodies twisted and contorted to emphasise the moment’s tension and energy.

The level of detail in the sculpture is impressive, with every aspect of the dancers’ form captured with stunning realism. The sculpture’s composition is also noteworthy, with the three figures arranged to create a sense of harmony and balance, even as they are engaged in an intense and dynamic dance.

Overall, “Three Kings” is a testament to John W. Mills’ incredible skill as an artist and his ability to capture the power and grace of dance in bronze. It is a truly stunning work of art that continues to captivate and inspire viewers today.

Bronze edition 1/1
Price on application

The inspiration for this flowing sculpture is from the ballet by Alvin
called Les Trois Rois. That features a pas de deux, two dancers dancing to the music
If Duke Ellington makes the third King referred to in the title. There are two larger versions of this piece, one
at the Rank Xerox Headquarters and the building at Marlow in Buckinghamshire, which is 210cm high.
The second is a life-size sculpture in the Reilly collection, Aix EU Provence, France.

Three Kings













Right: THREE KINGS – 1984
Bronze edition of 6.
Price on application

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My Sculptures have allowed me to meet members of The Royal Family, which has always been an exciting and enjoyable experience.

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