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ICAS Vilas Art Gallery specializes in art conservation, picture repairs/cleaning, and art restoration services, based in Letchworth Garden City for over 39 years.

Restoring Timeless Family Treasures

Our picture cleaning and art restoration services breathe new life into cherished family collections, from antique paintings to contemporary originals, that require our expertise to revive their original splendour.

Preserving Family Legacy: Our services extend a helping hand to those who wish to preserve their family’s artistic legacy. Whether your collection comprises heirloom portraits from generations past or contemporary masterpieces, we understand the sentimental and historical value embedded in each piece.

Bringing Back Original Brilliance: Over time, the ravages of age, environmental factors, and wear and tear can dim the brilliance of these artworks. Our skilled team specializes in meticulous cleaning and restoration techniques to revive each piece to its original quality. This process restores the visual allure and conserves these artworks’ cultural and emotional significance.

A Bridge Across Generations: Picture cleaning and art restoration services connect past and present generations. They enable you to share the beauty and stories behind these artworks with your loved ones, ensuring that the cultural heritage remains vibrant and meaningful.

Our services include the restoration of paintings, prints, and other works on paper, as well as the cleaning and conservation of frames and other artwork accessories. They use various techniques and materials to restore damaged or deteriorated artwork, including chemical and mechanical cleaning, retouching, and varnishing.

ICAS Vilas’ team comprises highly skilled conservators and restorers trained in the latest techniques and methods. They work with clients to assess the condition of their artwork and develop a customized restoration plan to address any damage or deterioration.

Our clients include private collectors who have worked on various artwork from all periods and styles. They are committed to preserving and restoring artwork to its original condition and ensuring that future generations can enjoy it.


The fine Art restoration project 

Artist: John Miller (1931-2002)              Title: Cutting Reeds size: 53.5cm x 30.5cm.

original painting restoration project John Miller

Over the years, we completed many exemplary art restoration projects. Recently a client required a home visit to view an early John Miller landscape painting stored in their loft. At first sight, the original painting required a general cleaning service, but after further examination, I discovered fine cracks in a different section of the picture that needed attention!

ICAS report for an original John Miller canvas painting.

Careful examination of the painting:

The canvas on an old stretcher bar was crinkled and weakened with age.

The top paint layer showed signs of flaking & stretch cracks appeared on the surface.

The ageing of varnish, yellowing, dullness, and loss of clarity shows that the painting has deteriorated over time. 


Restoration process :

We first remove the old varnish coating from the original artist’s paint.

Slowly clean with chemicals on the oil paint layer.

Strengthening the canvas with new canvas relining support. 

Retouching with artist’s oil paint, remove all fine hairline cracks across the picture. 

Re-stretched the canvas onto the new wooden stretcher bars and finished applying two coats of artist’s varnish.

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With over thirty-eight years of experience in the Fine art Industry,  we develop our exemplary art services to assist clients with the following:

Art Restoration

Art Valuations

Conservation Framing

Frame Restoration

Museum Conservation

Oil Painting Restoration

Paper Conservation

Damage Insurance




We can restore any painting to its original state. Our experienced fine art restorers are highly qualified to complete works on paper and canvas paintings. Our art restoration service covers original pieces from the 17th – 21st centuries, including cleaning, restoration, and varnishing.

We advise on all aspects of conservation, providing a primary appraisal of the painting condition and work required. Our first meeting for the inspection is at no charge. For an in-depth assessment, a small fee is payable. We offer a collection and delivery service for your home after completion.

Painting restoration services include:

– Assessment and appraisal reports

– Canvas painting cleaning and restoration

– Works on paper painting, cleaning restoration

– Modern painting restoration

– Canvas relining

– Canvas re-stretching  We offer canvas stretching services using high-quality artistic stretchers made to any standard or non-standard size, including extra-large formats (with supporting crossbar structure).

As our framing service, we offer stretching services for various textiles (batik, embroidery, tapestries, needlework, scarves, and clothes).

We offer re-stretching of canvases onto a new stretcher or for artwork purchased abroad for ease of transport as rolled canvases.



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