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John W. Mills British sculptor Post War and Contemporary art collectionJohn W Mills ARCA PPRBS FRSA 1933 – 2023 ‘Sculptor to the Nation’.

John W. Mills was a highly acclaimed British sculptor whose work has been recognized for over seventy-five years, both nationally and internationally. His significant contribution to British Art is evident in the three distinct phases of his life’s work. Notably, he has completed several national landmark monuments in London, UK.

In 1966, Mills completed his first work, “Tribute to William Blake,” at Blake House Soho. This sculpture began his first phase and showcased his unique style. Twenty-five years later, in 1991, he completed “Blitz” at St. Paul’s Cathedral, the National Memorial for the firefighters who lost their lives during World War II. This marked the second phase of Mills’s life and further cemented his place in British art.

In 2005, Mills completed his third major work, the Memorial to the Women of World Wars, at the cenotaph in the Whitehall. This sculpture is symbolic and non-figurative, featuring a series of uniforms representing British women who served their country during the Second World War.

Throughout his career, Mills has demonstrated an exceptional ability to capture the essence of his subjects and convey their stories through his artwork. His contributions to British Art are unparalleled, and his works inspire and captivate audiences worldwide.


John W. Mills (born 1933) was a British sculptor known for his bronze figurative work, which often depicted animals and the human form. He was born in London, England.

Mills has been a full-time sculptor since 1967, creating numerous public and private commissions throughout the U.K. and internationally. His works can be found in public spaces, such as parks, hospitals, and universities, as well as in galleries and private collections. He continues to work as a sculptor today and is considered one of the most respected sculptors in the U.K.

Brief background about John W. Mills

Mills studied at the Hammersmith School of Art from 1947 to 1954 and the Royal College of Art from 1956 to 1960. A resident at the Digswell Art Trust from 1962 to 1966 and a Fellow of the Royal British Society of Sculptors in 1982. He was awarded the Otto Beit medal in 1983 for ‘Curved neck grace sculpture’. He was elected the president of the society in 1986 and 1997. In 1993, he was a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. He was featured in several exhibitions around the World at major galleries and museums, including the Schaefer Gallery in New York and the Piccadilly Gallery in London.

He comes from the traditional background of a school of art; therefore, he prefers working firstly by creating study drawings, later producing a small studio bronze maquette, and finally scaling up to complete a Life-size bronze work.

ICAS – Vilas Art Gallery takes immense pride in representing John W. Mills, a highly acclaimed British sculptor who has left an enduring mark on the art world for over seventy-five years, garnering national and international recognition. Our close and longstanding partnership with Mr. Mills since 2001 is dedicated to promoting his collection to investors, collectors, and buyers who appreciate the depth and beauty of his work.

John W. Mills British sculptor

John W. Mills Background of his lifetime achievement

I taught various part-time posts in the U.K. from 1958 – 1962. Senior Lecturer St. Albans School of Art

1962-1970. Principal Lecturer Hertfordshire College of Art and Design

1970-1977. Visiting Associate Professor, University of Eastern Michigan. Visiting Lecturer Detroit School of Creative Arts

1970. Visiting Professor and Artist In Residence, University of Michigan. I stopped teaching regularly

Royal society of British sculptorRBS logo

1977. Made a Fellow of the Royal Society of British Sculptors

1982. Elected President of the Society in 1986. Made Fellow of the R.S.A. 1993.

John W. Mills has a history of one-person exhibitions since 1959, including shows in London and other cities in the UK, Canada, the U.S.A., France, Australia, and Germany. A.I.A. Gallery, London 1959. Madden Galleries, London 1964. Letchworth City Gallery, U.K. 1965. Oakdene, Digswell 1965. Kenmore Galleries, Philadelphia 1966. Hitchin Art Gallery, U.K. 1968 1971 1977. Pollock Gallery, Toronto 1969 1971. Lantern Gallery, Michigan 1970 1971 1972 1974. Alwin Gallery, London 1975 1977 1979 1983. The University of Michigan Gallery 1980 Alice Simsar Gallery, Michigan 1976 1979 1980 1982 1984 1986 1988 1989. Robin Gibson Gallery, Sydney, Australia 1980. Chapman Gallery, Canberra Australia 1989 1990. Beaux-Arts Gallery, Bath, U.K. 1988. Marina Henderson Gallery, London 1983. Kings Street Galleries, London 1986. Jonathan Poole Fine Art, Woodstock, UK 1989 1990. Surrey University Gallery, U.K. 1993. Woodlands Gallery, London 1994. Jonathan Poole, Compton Cassey 1996. The Whitby Gallery, U.K. 1999

His Mixed Exhibitions include:

The Royal Academy, London, since 1951. Young Contemporaries

1951-1958 Zwemmer Gallery, London; Glasgow Institute of Fine Art; Schaefer Gallery, New York; Piccadilly Gallery, London; Bradford City Art Gallery, U.K.; Graven Image London

1961. International Print Show, Michigan

1970 Festival of Barjac, France 1

1969. ‘The Face of Man’, Whitechapel Gallery, London; Arts Council the U.K.; Gallery 359, Nottingham, UK; Hallam Gallery, London. ‘Head Hands and Feet, Margam Sculpture Park

1990. R.B.S. exhibition at Scone Palace, Scotland. R.B.S. Art in Action, U.K.

1992. R.B.S. Woodlands Gallery, London 1992. R.B.S. Exchange Court, Broadgate, London

1993 Abergavenny, South Wales’ Sculpture in a Garden 1992. Chelsea Harbour ’93’, London. R.B.S. Sculpture at Osterley House, London

1995. Cities 97. Chelsea Harbour

1997 Pieces of Eight, L.C.A. Albermarle Gallery, London

1997 Chelsea Art Club, London 1997. Simmons Gallery, London’ Free Range’ 200 Jonathan Poole, Compton Cassey, UK

2000 ICAS – Vilas Fine Art – Letchworth Garden City, U.K. since 2001.

John W. Mills British sculptor Cross arm diver bronzeClick for more info.   

The sensation of flight expresses the movement of grace, athleticism, and style.

John W. Mills Investment bronze sports art collection.” Springboarding and highboard diving are my favourite subjects to resolve as a sculptor. The problems posed by this subject are expressing movement, grace, athleticism, and style while simultaneously conveying the sensation of flight”—John W. Mills.

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“My Sculptures have allowed me to meet members of The Royal Family, which has always been an exciting and enjoyable experience”.



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