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For centuries glass has been valued for its visual and tactile properties which has allowed for the creation of many beautiful objects.


Glass is made by melting a mixture of sand and an alkali. The first glass vessels were made in the Near East in about 1600 BC. The brightly coloured glass was opaque and was used to make small bottles, jars and jugs by coating a clay core with molten glass, then adding trails of colour. This glass was regarded as an artificial precious stone which only the rich could afford.

flower1As a decorative and functional medium, glass was extensively developed in Egypt and Assyria, brought to the fore by the Romans (who spread glass blowing, invented by the Phoenicians), and includes amongt its greatest triumphs European cathedral stained glass windows. Great ateliers like Tiffany, Lalique, Daum, Gallé, the Corning schools in upper New York state, and Steuben Glass Works took glass art to the highest levels. Glass from Murano (also known as Venetian glass) is the result of hundreds of years of refinement and invention. Murano is still held as the birthplace of modern glass art.


We welcome enquiry for special commission.

ICAS art gallery 2020For all private or corporate commission by our gallery artists, please contact Sunil Vilas call 01462 677455 or email: Sunil@vilasart.co.uk


We proudly present our ICAS gallery artists selection of glass art included  in our current exhibition, kindly contact our gallery to arrange viewing by appointment.

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