Close Affections 1998 – 2002

John W Mills is a renowned British sculptor who has created many beautiful bronze sculptures of dancers throughout his career—some of his most notable works.

“Close Affections”, in 1998, depicts two dancers in an intimate and affectionate pose.

The sculpture portrays a male and a female dancer in a close embrace, with their bodies intertwined in a way that conveys a sense of deep emotional connection. The movement and fluidity of the figures’ bodies are captured beautifully in bronze, with every detail of their poses rendered with incredible realism and attention to detail.

What sets this sculpture apart is its sense of intimacy and tenderness. The dancers appear lost in their own world, completely absorbed in each other and the music surrounding them. The result is a powerful expression of love and connection that speaks to viewers profoundly and emotionally.

“Close Affections” is a testament to John W. Mills’ incredible skill as an artist and his ability to convey complex emotions through his sculptures. It is a truly stunning work of art that continues to captivate and move viewers today.

“Close Affections” 3rd version 2002 Domestic bronze sculpture patina charcoal black size 185cm,             

 Edition of 6’s. Price on application                                                                                                                           


The subject derives from the ballet “Romeo and Juliet” by Frederick Ashton. It uses one of the famous ‘Pas des Deux that features in that ballet and is so typical of choreography of Ashton. He causes the two dancers to melt to become like one person while retaining their grace and sexuality. My work with dancers seeks to convey such feelings without simply illustrating them. The dance dynamic and making a powerful image using a beautiful subject constantly challenge John Mills. Our sculpture trail will cover many versions of this work since 1995.

close affections2

Close Affections” 2nd version 1998

Life bronze sculpture patina charcoal black size 240cm, edition of 2/6.

Price on application

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My Sculptures have allowed me to meet members of The Royal Family, which has always been an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Dancing is creating a sculpture visible only for a moment.

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