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 Asian Art in The Worlds First Garden City

ICAS Asian Art Collection  Where you can discover the world of Asian Art and the artists whose works make up our collection. Experience the diverse and vibrant forms of artistic expression spanning thousands of years and be captivated by the traditional elegance of Chinese calligraphy, the mesmerizing allure of Japanese woodblock prints, the contemporary beauty of Korean ceramics, and the intricate charm of Indian miniature paintings.

One of the defining characteristics of Asian Art is its profound connection to spirituality and philosophy. Immerse yourself in the rich cultural heritage of Asian art forms, deeply rooted in belief systems like Buddhism and Taoism. Their motifs, symbols, and themes are artfully woven with religious concepts.

Asian Art is renowned for its exceptional craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail. The intricate techniques and materials used by Asian artists, including delicate brushwork, intricate gold leafing, and elaborate hand-carving, result in exquisite beauty and precision artwork.

The allure of Asian Art has sparked a global interest in collecting and exhibiting these masterworks. Museums, galleries, and private collectors worldwide seek Asian art pieces for their aesthetic splendour, historical importance, and cultural significance.

Embarking on a journey into Asian Art is a personal experience that offers a unique opportunity to connect with a rich cultural heritage. Whether an art enthusiast or collector, you’ll be enchanted by the vast array of mediums, styles, and price ranges to explore. The Art of Asia promises to mesmerize and inspire, inviting you to uncover its hidden treasures and create your narrative within its rich tapestry.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Asian Modern Art

Original painting Samurai 



We are thrilled to present our Asian art exhibitions, which celebrate the beautiful tapestry of colours, cultures, customs, traditions, faiths, beliefs, values, and expressions that make up Asia. Our goal is to explore and appreciate the rich and diverse subject matter of Asian Art, which owes its existence to Asia’s enduring spirit. Our approach is guided by the belief that everything has its rightful place, no matter how different it may be. Exploring Asian Art is a beautiful opportunity to deepen our understanding and enrich our lives.


Our collection of Asian art features works by talented artists inspired and influenced by Asian culture. We showcase Art that spans the great dynasties of the Mughal, Rajasthan, and Ming eras and the beginning of Buddha’s iconic art period. We are excited to continue adding to our collection throughout the year, including the works of contemporary gallery artists and the development of Art by future leading artists. We believe that our exhibitions of Asian Art will inspire and captivate our visitors, and we invite everyone to come and experience the beauty and richness of this forgotten world.


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Original painting by Alan M. Hunt title Tiger in afternoon Sun

We welcome inquiries for special commissions.

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