Grande Mastiffs 1990

Grande Mastiffs 1990” Grande Mastiffs 1990 “,

commission for a private collector, life-size bronze patina sap green.

Price on application.

The terms “the mastiff group” and “the mastiffs” has been used synonymously with the term  “MOLOSSER”.  As such, any molosser, including BULLDOGS, MOUNTAIN DOGS, PIT BULLS, and even small dogs such as the BOSTON TERRIERS may be considered “mastiffs” in this broad sense.

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  • Breed Group: Working
  • Height: 27.5 to 30 inches or more at the shoulder
  • Weight: 120 to 230 pounds
  • Life Span: 8 to 10 years

The Mastiff is the classic gentle giant, loving but sometimes stubborn. His size alone is enough to deter troublemakers. At heart, he is a peaceful dog, but he is always protective of his family and will step in if danger threatens.

  1. More Quick Facts:
  3. Mastiffs are an old breed, once used as war dogs and to guard estates. These days, they are lovers, not fighters, but they will always protect their families.
  5. Mastiffs are flatulent and can clear a room fast when they pass gas.
  7. Breeders often like to keep Mastiff puppies until they are at least 12 weeks old to ensure that they are mature enough to go to their new homes.
  9. Mastiffs can adapt well to apartment or condo living, but if you have stairs, think about how you would get the dog in and out if he were old or incapacitated and couldn’t manage them on his own.
  11. Don’t overfeed your Mastiff puppy. He will still attain his genetically programmed size if you keep him at a healthy, lean weight during puppyhood.