In memoriam John W. Mills

John W Mills ARCA PPRBS FRSA 1933 – 2023 ‘Sculptor to the Nation’.

In Memoriam: John W. Mills – A Remarkable Artist and Cherished Friend

It is with heavy hearts and profound sadness that we come together to pay tribute to the extraordinary British artist John W. Mills, who recently left us to embark on his eternal journey. John’s passing, which occurred at his beloved home in Hinxworth, Hertfordshire, marks the end of an era in the art world and the loss of a truly remarkable individual. As we gather to remember him, we do so with deep admiration for his unparalleled talent and immense gratitude for our friendship.

John was a renowned artist and a dear friend, and our connection spanned over two decades, beginning in 2001. Throughout this long and cherished relationship, we had the privilege of representing his remarkable work at ICAS Vilas Art Gallery. It was a journey filled with shared dreams, artistic exploration, and countless moments of inspiration. John’s art, characterized by its intricate craftsmanship and profound emotional depth, never failed to captivate our hearts and those of art enthusiasts around the world.

His sculptures were more than works of art; they were windows into the human soul, each telling a unique and compelling story. John’s mastery of bronze and his ability to breathe life into his creations were extraordinary. His art had the power to transcend boundaries, inviting viewers to reflect upon the human condition, nature, and the world we inhabit.

Our time spent with John was always special. His warm smile, witty humour, and boundless passion for art made every encounter memorable. He was not just an artist but a storyteller, and his tales, whether shared over a bottle of his best wine in his cosy studio or at the grand opening of one of his exhibitions, never failed to captivate us. We were fortunate to witness the evolution of his artistic vision, and we will forever treasure the moments he shared with us.

As we say our farewells, we do so with heavy hearts, knowing that the world has lost an artistic giant and a beautiful soul. John, your legacy lives on through your magnificent sculptures and the countless lives you touched with your artistry and kindness. We will forever miss our special times together, sharing your lifetime of work, but your memory will remain a beacon of inspiration for generations to come.

Rest in peace, dear John, and may your spirit continue to find solace in the beauty of the world you so brilliantly captured in your art. You will forever be in our hearts, and your creations will grace the halls of ICAS Vilas Art Gallery as a testament to your enduring genius.

With love and profound gratitude,

Sunil Vilas

ICAS Vilas Art Gallery UK