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Oleksii Gnievyshev, a talented German Contemporary figurative painter

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Oleksii Gnievyshev Myths & Legends Figurative Collection 



THE MYTHS & LEGEND COLLECTION  – Here is Oleksii’s most refined painting of The Myths & Legends series, and the image captures the story of Gaia. Greek mythology is full of great deities who represented diverse parts of existence and had a lot of influence over the world. Gaia, or Gaea, was the divine personification of the Earth and the matriarch of all things in existence. She was often referred to as the Earth goddess, but she was more than that. She was the Earth itself.


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Original painting Samurai



















Echoes of Bushido, a journey into honour and valour. Click for more info

Step into Oleksii Gnievyshev’s captivating world with his mesmerizing Japanese series, where artistry and his deep fascination for Oriental culture converge in the stunning painting titled “Samurai.” This masterpiece not only captures the very essence of Japan but also breathes life into the ancient tales of powerful samurai warriors.
In “Samurai,” Gnievyshev’s masterful brushwork, composed in oil on canvas, weaves a narrative that reflects his profound admiration for the aesthetics of the East. The painting pays deep homage to the noble Japanese samurai, embodying the virtues of honour, discipline, and courage that defined them.
At a grand size of 120cm x 100cm, the painting’s expansive canvas invites you to immerse yourself in its storytelling. Meticulously completed at the ICAS framing workshop, it is showcased within a contemporary silver-blue pewter inner and outer dark brown bamboo-tone frame, accented by a silver gilt frame. This presentation seamlessly harmonizes Eastern and Western design influences.
Gnievyshev’s “Samurai” plunges deep into the heart of Japanese culture, where art mirrors and sustains tradition. In this painting, the artist captures the essence of the samurai’s power and honour and crafts a bridge connecting past and present.
This painting serves as Oleksii Gnievyshev’s profound homage to the allure of Japanese heritage. It encapsulates his unwavering admiration for Oriental culture and its iconic warriors. “Samurai” embarks on a visual journey where the artist’s fascination and artistry converge, illuminating the legacy of samurai warriors in a contemporary light. Enjoy this immersive voyage through art and history!



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Oleksii Gnievyshev, a talented contemporary figurative painter, was born in Kyiv, Ukraine, and now resides in Bruhl, Germany. He joined ICAS gallery as one of its artists, offering his beautiful and captivating genre of realism abstract storytelling paintings that depict the myths and legends of forgotten times.

Oleksii was drawn to art as a child and honed his skills through formal art education. He enrolled in the Academy of Art in Kyiv in 2009 and earned his art degree in 2014. During his studies, he was mentored by Volodimir Bagalika, a renowned artist who dedicated his spare time to teaching creative art and painting.

Oleksii’s paintings often revolve around myths and legends, capturing powerful images of human and animal forms interacting with nature. His finished artwork appears vivid and energized, with animals embodying sentiments that interact with the characters, telling a story. Later in his career, his oriental paintings showcased his strong influence on Asian culture, particularly Japanese culture, stemming from his personal interest and historical family background.

When asked about his work’s inspiration, Oleksii spoke about his fascination with the magnetic energies individuals emit and the specific kinds of wisdom animals possess. His work combines abstract realism, which exists through patterns, colours, texture, and lines without needing external motivation, and realistic art, which aims to replicate nature. This unique style blends classical realism with a modern, refreshing approach, becoming Oleksii’s signature.

Oleksii graduated from The National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture of Ukraine and participated in many art events and exhibitions, receiving a nomination for the “Gold Foundation of Ukraine.” His original works are in international collections worldwide, including Ukraine, Germany, India, and the United Kingdom. He continues to work and live in his studio in Bruhl, Germany, creating beautiful and mesmerizing paintings that captivate the viewer’s imagination.





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