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Sports art is a fascinating and dynamic genre that captures the essence of athleticism and competition in visual form. Whether depicting the adrenaline-fueled excitement of a high-stakes game or the grace and elegance of a world-class athlete in motion, sports art can be a powerful expression of human achievement and passion.

Throughout history, artists have been drawn to the world of sports, capturing iconic moments and celebrating athletes in paintings, sculptures, and other works of art. Past artists such as LeRoy Neiman, known for his colourful and energetic depictions of sports, and Winslow Homer, who captured the power and beauty of nature through his paintings of hunting and fishing scenes, are just a few examples of the longstanding tradition of sports art.

In more recent times, contemporary artists have continued to push the boundaries of sports art with innovative techniques and styles. For instance, the British artist Ben Mosley uses bold, graphic elements and a vibrant colour palette to create dynamic paintings of sports stars like Cristiano Ronaldo and Muhammad Ali. Meanwhile, the American artist Richard T. Slone creates hyperrealist paintings that capture the speed and intensity of sports like Formula One racing and basketball.

The gallery has long been committed to showcasing works of art that capture the spirit and energy of sports. Its collection spans various styles and mediums, from classic paintings to modern sculptures and installations.
One thing that sets ICAS Vilas art gallery apart from other galleries is its dedication to promoting emerging artists pushing the boundaries of sports art. The gallery is always looking for new and innovative voices in the art world, and it takes great pride in showcasing exciting and thought-provoking works. By promoting emerging artists, ICAS Vilas Art not only helps to support the growth and development of the art world but also allows collectors to invest in the work of up-and-coming talents.
At the same time, ICAS Vilas Art also recognizes the value of investment art, and the gallery has built an impressive collection of sports art that includes works by some of the most highly sought-after artists of our time. From iconic pieces by The John W. Mills bronze sculpture in motion of Somersault divers to lifesize male & female figures in bronzes with paintings & study drawings.
ICAS Vilas Art has amassed a diverse and highly valuable collection.

So, if you’re looking to experience the thrill and beauty of sports art first-hand, visit ICAS Vilas Fine Art Gallery in the UK and discover the stunning collection on display.

The Thrower bronze sculptureTHE FINEST ART OF SPORT. 


“The Thrower”

Pure bronze with a dark bronze patina.
life size:175cm x 100cm x 44cm
Edition of six
Price on application

“The inspiration for this sculpture is comparing physical changes that occur as one ages. My interest in the muscular body and its defining musculature relates to my past activities as a springboard diver and a physical training instructor during my National Service. I try to give my figures the strength and dynamics associated with specific body types that develop from particular use. In this case, ‘body building’ is the underlying activity and comparing muscular development is a Large Marquette Sommersaultconstant factor in this sport.” – JOHN .W. MILLS.19_mills_twisting_01 300













famous jockey

Cross arm diver bronze

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