Swarm Intelligence 2019


Title: Swarm Intelligence latest digital 3D art by Richard Devonshire ICAS gallery artist selected in the finalist work VAO UK 2019 exhibition. 

Ants have something to teach us about how nature works. Any system whose behavior arises from the interactions of its components has something in common with ant colonies. Using ants and other social insects as models, computer scientists have developed software agents that cooperate to solve complex problems, such as the rerouting of traffic in a busy telecom network or the internet.

Swarm Intelligence is one of finalist work in the category of Digital the Visual Art Open 2019 competition is a not-for-profit event open to both amateur and professional artists based in the UK and internationally. The aim is to give artists the ultimate platform to develop their passion and career in the arts sector. Finalists will benefit from exhibiting, selling and showcasing their work to art critics and buyers alike.

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