Gossip 2


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Artist: NORIK DILANCHYAN Venetian art collection

Title: Gossip 2

Medium – original Venetian art oil on board frame with white slip contemporary gold frame

Size: 76cm x 61cm

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Every year, from February to March, Carnival in Venice, Italy is held. It dates back to 1168 as a celebration of victory of Republic of Venice against Ulrico,
When we think about Venetian masks, the images that come to our mind are of Venice Carnival, with all their feathers, fancy hats and extravagant patterns. In effect, the world of Venetian masks is far more complex. Ancient Venetians did not put on their masks solely during the Carnival period, but rather during most of the year, at least as long as the Venetian Serenissima Republic lasted until 1797.
The tradition of mask-wearing is quite old, since the first written source bearing witness to such usage dates back to 2nd May 1268. Masks in Venice were therefore a symbol of freedom, a way to get rid of social rules and to conceal the masked person’s identity and social status, not only during Carnival, but also in the everyday life.
We witness the wearing of masks captured in the early paintings of Pietro Longhi (November 5 1702 – May 8, 1785) a painter of the Rococo period known for his small scenes of Venetian social and domestic life.

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