RICHARD DEVONSHIRE Artists have always been among the first to reflect on the culture and technology of their time. Since the 1990’s to the early 21st century, the digital medium has undergone technological developments of unprecedented speed moving from the “digital revolution” into the social media era. UK based artist Richard Devonshire utilizes cutting Continue Reading

INSPIRATION 2019 Art exhibitions around the World Preview John W. Mills – internationally acclaimed British sculptor SCULPTOR TO THE NATION Opens at North Herts Art Gallery & Museum Hitchin 23rd February to 27th April 2019 in join partnership with ICAS – VILAS FINE ART Letchworth garden city, Hertfordshire United Kingdom.   A retrospective exhibition of John W. Continue Reading

THE MAGICAL WORLD OF FAIRY TALES, MYTHS & LEGENDS THE STORY OF SCYLLA   Scylla was once a beautiful, innocent creature, beloved and favourite of all the water nymphs. She loved to bathe in the pools by the sea side, combing her long hair with the nymphs’ combs and prattling to them about the men whom Continue Reading

ICAS ART Magazine quarterly publication Review of the Greatest artists: LEONARDO DA VINCI;  RODIN & DEGAS  Welcome to the launch of a brand-new art magazine the first release is our special edition to celebrate the 34th anniversary of ICAS – Vilas Fine Art UK, the gallery showcases the diversity of artistic expressions and creativity by today’s living Continue Reading

  ONCE UPON A TIME – We unlock the stories behind the collection of paintings in this Summer art exhibition, to celebrate our 34th anniversary.., Discover the World of Myths & legends .., their stories and the meanings..,    CYRENE – THE WOLF GIRL Stay free, stay wild, stay in love. Few animals capture people’s Continue Reading

The word “KISS” comes from the Old English word “cyssan,” No one really knows the origin of “cyssan” but it’s thought that it might represent the sound people make when they kiss. JOHN W. MILLS British Sculptor Bronze edition Title: CLOSE AFFECTION 2015   Throughout the history of Art we are able to recall memories of master artists Continue Reading

One of the most interesting aspects about art is understanding the why and the how of “becoming” an artist. There is a myth that artists are somehow born knowing that they are artists, or that some event occurs in their lives that causes them to become artists, or that artists starve to create, artists are Continue Reading