Regina Noakes

Australian artist Modern Figurative painter

Regina born in Singapore, now living in Australia, working from her studio home with her husband and three children. She has studied and taught art and music in Singapore, Italy, the U.S. and Australia. 

 Regina has had several one-person exhibitions in New York, and Australia, and has participated in numerous group exhibitions in Chicago, New York, London, Australia and Europe, including the 2001 Florence Biennale. She has twice won the Perpetual Trophy, was selected Overall Winner for the Western Australia Society of Arts, and has been a recipient of two Australian Visual Arts Grants.

” My work has overtones of naive painting, but I’ve been very strongly influenced by my background, interests, and education. There are references to early Italian Renaissance painting (things I saw in Capri, Naples, and later in visits to Florence.) I enjoy the iconic quality to work from that period, also the frequent focus on women.
There are several painters who have influenced me: Murillo (the subject matter resonates , Ken Kiff (British, for his narrative quality), and Charles Blackman (Australian figurative painter.) Still, when all’s said and done, my style is very personal. I paint instinctively, and my work draws on personal experience and observation, or at least memories, sometimes treasured up since childhood.
There are also references to Mughal art (flat surfaces, bright colors, cloisonne, strange skin colors.) , I live in Australia (25 years), and travel frequently to the USA and Europe “.
  • Renee Phillips, Art Critic, New York May 2002. – ” Regina Noakes weaves visual delights of music and dance. A terrain of smooth, undulating human forms resembles and interweaves with nature. Their lyrical shapes echo one another in sublime harmony. For instance, sinewy branches of a tree are analogous to long limbs that curl around a belly or stretch upward toward the sky. The artist is an observer of human nature and the language of the body. Rhythmic compositions of strong colors and bold contrast unfold the ebb and flow of the exuberant figure releasing a feeling of nervous tension. The artist is an engaging storyteller. Her enchanted world evokes an essential underlying profound reality that questions issues of morality, love, security, and faith. Her dramas raise questions and curiosity that provide passages in which to seek our individual answers “.” Viewing life as an aesthetic experience, Regina translates memories and observations onto her canvases. There are stories behind most of these paintings, and drama in the universals of companionship, love, age and acquiescence. A quiet sadness, even an air if gravity, sometimes occupies her figures, yet others exhibit light and joy. Several of her large – scale figurative paintings have references to herself and to her daughter. A point of focus sometimes is the Doll, as a repository and reflection of human experiences, sometimes almost human, and more besides. In a unique, figurative style that is poetic, spiritual and sometimes quirky, Regina relies on the contribution of the viewer to translate each work into his or her own personal account “.

Major exhibitions 2003 the prestigious Palazzo Vecchio, Florence 2004 the Associazione Cultural Mostre, Palazzo Correr Venice, London, New York

AWARDS: Lorenzo Medici Gold Medal, City of Florence, Italy; Australian Visual Arts Grants – Awarded three times; The Healing Power of Art – Showcase artist, The Winner 2003 New York, USA; Rotary Club of Armadale, Western Australia – 2002 Award for Outstanding Performance; Arts Manhattan Exhibition, Winner 2002, New York, USA; Perpetual Trophy twice overall winner WA Arts Society

Her work is represented in numerous private, corporate and public collections around the world, including: the Ministry of Water Resources; Sultanate of Oman; Fulham Palace, London; Visual Arts Centre University of Cambridge, University of Norwich, University of London. Brooklyn Museum of Art, NY Jean and Charles Schultz Information Centre Sonama State University, California Eastern Washington University, Chicago Atelier International, NY Women’s Aid Abroad. The Singapore Economic Board; Malaysia Balya Cancer Foundation. Australia – Toyota; Toorak College; Victoria Methodist Ladies College; Perth Hale Boys Grammar School, Perth Electoral Commission; Evans and Tate Wineries. Regina’s paintings have been reproduced on cover pages of several publications including Western Review Arts Magazine, New York Expo 2000, and Moondance Magazine (UK)

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