Early Morning over the Thames River view of St Pauls – London

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Artist: RICHARD BOLTON’s original watercolour Thames River collection

DISCOVERING THE RIVER THAMES – Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of Richard Bolton’s original watercolour painting, capturing the essence of London’s iconic Thames River. This masterpiece is a testament to Bolton’s skill in portraying the timeless beauty of the city’s waterscape. The painting has been meticulously conservation mounted by the esteemed ICAS framing gallery workshop, featuring a silver gilt slip mount. The Champayne silver contemporary frame elegantly encases the artwork safeguarded behind UV museum glass.
Bolton’s London Thames painting reverberates with the echoes of watercolour artists from the past, drawing intriguing parallels to luminaries like James Mcneill Whistler. Just as Whistler’s watercolours encapsulated the soul of London’s urban landscape, Bolton’s work captures the same essence, albeit through a contemporary lens. The interplay of light, the dance of reflections, and the city’s dynamic character unite these artists across time.
The original watercolour painting, 72cm x 53cm, commands attention and invites viewers into the heart of the city’s waterscape. Bolton’s work stands as a luminous tribute to London’s enduring beauty, meticulously preserved and showcased through the artistry of the ICAS framing gallery workshop.
As Bolton’s brushwork joins the legacy of watercolourists like Whistler, it adds a modern thread to the tapestry of London-inspired art. Just as Whistler’s work reflected the spirit of his era, Bolton’s painting resonates with the pulse of contemporary London, a tribute to the city’s timeless charm.

The title is “Early Morning over the Thames River View of St Pauls  London.” 

Medium: Original watercolour on handmade cotton rag paper exhibition mounted & gold framed with UV Museum glass

Size: 72cm x 53cm

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Joseph Mallord William Turner (April 1775- 1851) was an English Romantic landscape painter, watercolourist and printmaker whose style can be said to have the foundation for Impressionism.  He spent much of his life near the River Thames and painted many paintings of ships and waterside scenes in watercolour and oils. His famous painting The ‘Fighting Temeraire’ 1838

James McNeill Whistler (July 1834-1903), an American artist, spent most of his life in Victorian London. Throughout the 1860s and 1870s, Whistler was drawn to the bustling and rapidly changing urban neighbourhood surrounding Battersea Bridge – and, of course, to the River Thames that meanders through in the heart of London.

During his stays in London, Claude Monet (November 1840- 1926) painted a series of impressionist oil paintings of the Palace of Westminster, home of the British Parliament, Thames River, in 1899 and early 1900 – 1901

Trafalgar square Lion London