Nature Symphony 2021



Artist: Laura Cramer, original abstract floral art  ***** SOLD ********

Title: “NATURE SYMPHONY” 2021.

               Medium: Acrylic & mixed medium on canvas

               Image size: 56 cm x 46 cm      Frame: Yes

              The artwork features an aliquant floating flat grey wash with a dark wood frame profile.

See this artist’s other work and his biography.    We include provenance documentation and an Insurance valuation report. 

“A Winter’s Tale of Tranquility”

Laura’s painting titled “Nature’s Symphony” evokes the stark beauty of winter in a serene landscape. Measuring 56cm x 46cm, the masterpiece invites viewers to immerse themselves in its tranquil beauty. The painting is created with acrylic and mixed media, using a delicate interplay of cool tones layered together to emphasize the peaceful solitude of the scene. Each brushstroke whispers of winter’s chill, evoking a sense of stillness and wonder.

The artwork, measuring 69 cm x 58 cm, is elegantly framed in contemporary grey with a dark brown floating profile frame. This framing choice enhances the visual impact of the painting, adding a touch of sophistication to its tranquil composition.

“Nature’s Symphony” is more than just a painting—it is a poetic ode to the beauty of nature in its most serene state. It transports viewers to a world of quiet contemplation and timeless beauty as they contemplate the intricate details within the landscape. As one gaze upon “Nature’s Symphony,” one is reminded of the profound harmony within the natural world, inviting one to pause, reflect, and find solace in the quiet majesty of winter’s embrace.

Abstract landscape Nature Symphony