Standing Ballerina

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Artist: KATYA GRIDNEVA Original Contemporary Figurative art collection 

Step into the enchanting world of dance through the captivating Dance series featuring the original masterpiece “Standing Ballerina” from the studios of Katya Gridneva. This work pays homage to the enduring allure of dance and draws parallels with the modern interpretations inspired by the legendary artist Degas.
“Standing Ballerina” showcases Gridneva’s artistic finesse, brought to life through a pastel study on paper. The ethereal quality of pastels imbues the graceful dancer with vitality, capturing the essence of movement and the emotions dance encapsulates.
The completed artwork measuring 110cm x 80cm, this exquisite piece commands attention with its dimensions, inviting you into a world of dance artistry. The ICAS framing workshop has expertly framed it in an elegant contemporary two-tone inner white frame, hand-gold-leaf to perfection. The application of UV museum glass preserves and protects this delicate artwork.
Gridneva’s “Standing Ballerina” not only celebrates the art of dance but also pays tribute to the enduring influence of Degas. This painting serves as a bridge connecting the past and the present, where the legacy of dance persists and evolves.
Through this masterpiece, Katya Gridneva gracefully extends a modern brushstroke to the legacy of dance. “Standing Ballerina” is a testament to her artistic skill, reverence for tradition, and remarkable ability to imbue movement and emotion onto paper. It is a profound homage to the timeless art of dance, harmonizing its enduring essence and contemporary expression.

Title: Standing Ballerina

Medium: Original pastel on paper shipped with exhibition framed contemporary hand-finished gold leaf  frame with UV museum glass

Size: 110cm x 80cm

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