All the lights of the day image 2 Jose Royo


Jose Royo All the lights of the day image 2


Artist: JOSE ROYO  Collectors Artist proof hand embellished limited edition print,  SPECIAL OFFER

Discover the luminous world of the “Painter of Light” from Spain, Jose Royo, through his captivating work titled “Todas Las Luces del Día” (All the Lights of the Day), presented here in images 1 and 2. This limited edition print, designated artist-proof and meticulously hand-embellished, embodies Royo’s signature blend of artistry and radiance.
Royo’s set of prints is brought to life through expert craftsmanship. Each print is carefully mounted and framed by the renowned ICAS framing workshop, employing a conservation mount adorned with a gilt slip. The protection and preservation of this masterpiece are paramount, achieved through Tru Vue UV glass, ensuring its longevity and brilliance.
The Italian handcrafted gold contemporary frame adds a touch of elegance, accentuating the timeless allure of the artwork. With dimensions measuring 52cm x 52cm, this piece demands attention, drawing you into a world where light dances and emotions come alive.
Jose Royo’s “Todas Las Luces del Día” captures the essence of light and emotion, a testament to his mastery as the “Painter of Light.” The carefully curated presentation, combined with the artist’s touch, transforms this limited edition print into a work of enduring beauty, inviting you to explore the interplay between light and emotion in a Spanish master’s vision

Title All the Lights of the Day image 2 ( Todas Las Lucas del dia )

Medium – Artist-proof hand embellished signed & numbered screen print, conservation acid-free double deep gold gilt slip museum mounted, TruVue UV glass, and framed with Italian handcrafted contemporary gold profile moulding. 

Size: 52cm x 52cm

Spanish painter of Light ”From sight comes the most important thing: EMOTION.”

There are parallels between Roya’s art and that of Sorolla. Both have been described as ‘painters of the Light’, and Royo evokes the starling blues of the Mediterranean under the southern sun, most notably in his Mallorca works.