The Story of post war sculpture art

The Story of Post War Art

John W. Mills’s most exquisite work of art was a significant contribution towards the post-war art, completed in 2005 and unveiled on 9th July by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II at the cenotaph, Whitehall in London UK. to mark the sixtieth anniversary of the ending of the war.  

marquette Post war sculpture 2005
Artist: JOHN W. MILLS Title: THE NATIONAL MONUMENT OF THE WOMEN OF WORLD WAR II – Original study drawings and 6’s Bronze editions produce currently only one left, For more information Visit our gallery ICAS – VILAS FINE ART, or contact the gallery directly


Women were called up for War duties from March 1941

In World War one, and World War two women played a vital role in Britain’s success. But as with World War one women found that the advances they had made, were greatly reduced when the soldiers, returned from fighting abroad.

JOBS UNDERTAKEN BY WOMEN DURING THE WAR INCLUDED :- Mechanics; Engineers; Tank drivers; Building ships; Working in Factories making bombs and aircraft parts; Air raid wardens; Driving Fire Engines, Plumbers; Ambulance drivers; WRVS volunteers and Nurses.

The national monument is prominently located at the cenotaph in Whitehall, London UK. It stands to be as tall as a double storey building measuring the height of 23ft; 16ft long; 6ft wide and weighting 23 tons. The post war art monument is John’s major work as one of his largest national sculpture depicting 17 sets of individual uniforms and other clothing worn by women during the war. The clothes represent the various contributions by civilian and service women towards the war efforts.

The post war sculpture art was unveiled by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II with a dedication by Baroness Boothroyd, OM PC on the 9th July 2005. (Photos below captures the atmosphere on the day.)Betty-Boothroyd_fs


Photo 4 HM Queen Elizabeth II looking up to view the height 9th July 2005

Photo 5 HM Queen Elizabeth II with Baroness Boothroyd OM PC 9th July 2005


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