St George 1993

St George New Orleans

“ST GEORGE – 1993.” Bronze sculpture 3600cm ( 12ft ), Commissioned by
James Sherwood for the Windsor Court Hotel, New Orleans, USA.                                                                                             


A large bronze sculpture was unveiled on 23 April 1993, St George’s Day, in the courtyards of the Whiner Court Hotel, New Orleans, USA. This project had taken John more than eighteen months to complete. The sculpture represents St George triumphant, having defeated two dragons. Why is this Subject in the city? “My brief was to replace a somewhat whimsical female figure quietly pouring water from a jug into a doughnut ring of a fountain and to make a sculpture immediately identifiably British.

Considering the historical ramifications between the British and New Orleans, I thought the Subject of St. George would be a sensible solution to a rather tricky chauvinistic problem. It would also allow me to make a heroic image, a figure with some power, and to have fun with the fountain. Two dragons give the narrative a remarkable symmetry—the resulting image pleased.

I set out to make the figure of a knight with some chivalry in his bearing and the presence of a mythical hero. It is equipped with armour and weaponry that looks fit for the job. He appears to be capable of slaying dragons. The figure is ten feet high, standing on a base two feet tall and includes the two creatures; on-site, the head of the knight is fourteen feet off the ground. The water I have used creates a mist from which the figure emerges, reminiscent of romantic Arthurian landscapes, with rainbows made by changing light.”


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My Sculptures have allowed me to meet members of The Royal Family, which has always been an exciting and enjoyable experience.

Dancing is creating a sculpture visible only for a moment.

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