Degas Dancing

 Tribute to DEGAS

Tribute to Degas
Degas Dancing Pure bronze with dark bronze patina. Lifesize: 175cm x 100cm x 44cm edition of 6’s Price on application POA

Degas Dancing Dance art Bronze Collection

A homage to the French dance artist Edgar Degas (1834 – 1917). Degas is considered the master of drawing the human figure in motion. His extraordinary draftsmanship, which stressed balance and clarity of outline, became a hallmark of his work. He worked in many media, preferring pastel to all others, and is best known for his intimate, immediate drawings of ballerinas and bathing nudes.

Mills’s dance bronze art pieces are an inspiration and a tribute to the French artist Edgar Degas. Here portrayed, the artist Degas dancing with his model.
“I admire Degas and like the eccentricity of the image evoked by that brief account”.
“The subject matter for this series is based on an account I read of Edgar Degas’s sometimes habit of arriving at his studio and finding the model ready to work, but feeling disinclined to start just then and still dressed in his street clothes asks for a dance. After a brief turn about, the studio raised his hat and thanked the girl, leaving for the afternoon, probably for a meal “.
Mills’ sculpture captures the same sense of elegance and grace in much of Degas’ work while adding his unique touches. The composition of the sculpture is particularly striking, with the dancers arranged in a way that conveys a sense of movement and flowing energy.
Like many of Mills’ sculptures of dancers, “Degas Dancing” is a testament to his incredible skill as an artist and his ability to capture the fluidity and emotion of dance in bronze. It is a truly stunning work of art that continues to inspire and delight viewers today.

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