Gill Parker

Gill Parker leading artist in Wildlife Bronze sculptures.


Gill Parker is one of the most acclaimed animal sculptors of today.

An accomplished equestrian artist, Gill’s collection demonstrates her passion and eyes for understanding her horses. Her work is remarkably versatile from equestrian subjects to wildlife, capturing the spirit of the wild creature. The value and uniqueness of each piece of bronze art produced, are available only as small limited editions of seven or nine works. Therefore making each Gill Parker bronzes a valuable collectable art.

Gill lives and works from her studio based in a beautiful rural Gloucestershire setting, always surrounded by a various assortment of natural wildlife as inspiration for her work. He other talents are also in breeding and showing American Quarter Horses, where she has won numerous European and National championship awards.
Gill discovered her love for sculpture whilst studying art at South Wilts Grammar School in Salisbury. Made the right choice of career and since then never looked back.

Her Collectors & buyers include National & International buyers and investors of Bronze art sculptures.

 Over the years Gill has become recognized in her specialized field of equine and wildlife sculpture. With many major commissions to her name including the life-size bronze Motivator at Ascot Racecourse. Gill’s sculpture is eagerly sought by art collectors around the world and is in many public, private and Royal collections.

Collectors of Gill’s work make a substantial investment in the art of timeless quality, tactile and visual beauty, and fine craftsmanship. 

Brit Award, design, and production of the original award;

Child of Achievement Award, design and production of award;

Mess Silver for H.M. Ships – Monmouth and Boxer design and production;

Chloe – bronze sculpture door handle, design and produced for 50 flagship boutique fashion stores to date worldwide including London, Paris, Munich, Hong Kong, Monaco;

 ‘Emirates Bronzes’– completed two exclusive designs for Emirates flight lounges around the world (design and production of 39 to date)

 World Wildlife Museum, Wyoming purchased giraffes and otter bronzes for their collection.


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Her Collectors & buyers include National & International buyers and investors of Bronze art sculptures.
Over the years Gill has become recognised in her specialised field of equine and wildlife sculpture. 

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