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NEW - LIMITED Bronze edition 0f 6, Large third scale
One of John's pieces from The DANCE COLLECTION
Size: 132cm x 46cm x 46cm


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Close Affections The subject derives from a ballet "Romeo and Juliet" by Frederick Ashton. It uses one of the famous 'Pas des deux' that feature in that ballet and are so typical of the choreography of Ashton. He causes the two dancers to melt so that they become like one person whilst retaining their individual grace and sexuality. My work with dancers seeks to convey such feelings without simply illustrating them. The dynamic of the dance and making of a powerful image using a beautiful subject is a constant challenge to John Mills. There are many version to this body of work since 1995, that we will cover in our sculpture trail. The sculpture is available for viewing contact ICAS - Vilas Fine Art Letchworth Garden City, UK PRICE ON APPLICATION

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