Art of Springboard Diving

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ART of Springboard Diving

Diving is one of the most exciting sports in the world. It involves leaping and springing into the water while trying to perfect a series of perfect body positions. But it is also very strictly controlled.

Diving has changed over the years and with it the very meaning of the word. At the beginning of the century, a dive began the moment the water was touched. Now it means the process of leaping and springing into water.

The first recorded championship in the UK was the Championships of Scotland held in 1889. During this, the action comprised a dive from the side of the bath, a dive from about six feet, and a surface dive. High diving became popular amongst a small circle of enthusiasts, and in 1895 the National Graceful Diving Competition was instituted. It was open to the world and the tests were standing and running dives from 15 and 30feet.

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