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Born in Lusaka, Zambia - Africa (formerly Rhodesia). Gabriel works in the medium of oil, acrylics, watercolours, tempera and in three dimension form, with her sculpture collection in resin bronze and terracotta.
She has also been able to express her talent using collage/embroidery tapestries, large murals on public buildings and concrete relief murals and was instrumental in helping to establish Zambia’s national identity by the way of the national flag, coat of arms, mace, postage stamps and other national items.

A fellow member of the Royal Society of Arts, British Display Society and the Chartered Society of designers, Gabriel has had several exhibitions held at re-known galleries in various countries. Galleries where viewers have been able to appreciate her work include: the Commonwealth Institute, London; Fermoy Gallery, Kings Lynn; Wedgewood Gallery, Johannesburg; Abbot Hill in Cumbria; Rhine Museum, Emmerich, ICAS-Vilas Fine Art and others. She has also had collective exhibitions at the Imperial Institute, London; Royal Society of Oils, London; ICAS-Vilas Fine Art, Letchworth Garden City; Everard Reed Gallery, Johannesburg, the American Institute of Graphic Art and several others.

In addition to her commendable achievements in the arena of art, Gabriel has made significant contribution to the writer’s world. In particular interest to Zambia, Gabriel published a young adult novel: CHISI…a woman of courage and was commissioned by Anderson and Anderson to write – “The history of Lusaka from 1906 plus 50 years of Anderson and Anderson”. Both the Zambian and British Government’s have shown recognition for her outstanding achievement and contribution to the arts. The British Government awarded her with the MBE for services to art. The Zambian Government awarded her with the Grand Officer of Distinguished Service.

Gabriel`s art has promoted Africa`s heritage and tourism for the last three decades. Her collectors includes corporate clients LONRHO, ZCCM & State House of the president of Zambia, as well as private collectors, including HRH Queen Elizabeth, HRH Prince Charles, his Holiness the Pope John Paul II.

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